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Management & resilience

The strength of a security program is contingent on its documentation and resourcing. Our consultants develop robust corporate policy and standards to coordinate local operations. It also aids efficiency to lower operating expenditures. We tailor site-specific management plans. These plans establish a vision and mission for their security program.   Each plan creates hiring and performance criteria to ensure the right operators are in place and implements standard procedures to enhance performance. Each plan is specific to the client’s goals. Plans can, and in most cases, do cover normal, emergency and crisis operations. They also address existing, transitional, and future operations. This is to empower the operator to better prevent, respond and recover from incidents. 




  • Security Governance

  • Security Program Evaluation

  • Corporate Security Risk Management System Development

  • Asset-Level Security, Emergency, and Crisis Management Plans

  • Asset-Level Business Continuity and Resilience Plans

  • Policy and Procedure Development

  • Staff Modelling

  • Job Descriptions and Hiring Criteria

  • Pre and Post Opening Budget Consulting


Security Management
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